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Shout out to Tango-Gyro!

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  • Shout out to Tango-Gyro!

    After originally meeting in Mentone, I just spent the past few days meeting with Alex and Paul from Tango Gyro (father and son business), visiting the assembly shop in Roswell GA, and going to the Cedartown airport to see and fly the finished product.

    First off, I want to thank Alex and Paul for their hospitality last week. They are both really good guys. I probably spent 20 hours or more with Alex, asking questions about every nut and bolt. He gladly answered then all. I had the opportunity to fly both the fuel injected and the carbureted Tango2 models (Thanks Kurt Carlsen and CFI Jon Carleton for helping make that happen). Took a total of three flights. They flew great! I was really impressed. The FI Yamaha 130 hp lifted around 480 lbs of pilots off with ease. Both flew really well, the FI 130hp had me hooked, and for the extra 1500.00, why not. Takeoff was so smooth and the flying was great! Rotor blades were very smooth too (also from TangoGyro). Then after flying, we drove back to the shop to look at what’s in the works and get more questions answered. I felt good that Alex was so willing to show me around and explain anything about the gyros I wanted to know. I was able to see a few under various states of construction. These are really well engineered, well thought out flying machines. They are able to keep the price down by using Yamaha power and simple, practical systems. Their focus on safety and functionality was comforting. It was apparent to me that this is a real passion for these guys. They have done a great job building a well-built machine for a very reasonable price. They can build you a tango with pretty much anything you want, from the basics to just about any add on, they will do it.

    On my last day there, I signed the paper work and have my Tango2 in production now. Hopefully it’ll be done in the next few weeks. I’ll keep you posted.

    Yep, this one’s mine!


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    Wow, fuel injected 130 hp and less money. I like it!

    Did you see any with BIG tires (tundra tires) or did they happen to mention if that might be an option?

    Is that a storage compartment in the nose?


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      Yes, plenty of power for me. (Disclaimer: I'm new to gyros. I have been in aviation, flying, in one form or another for 20 plus years. I have 10.6 hours in the MTO and about 2 in the Tangos. That's my gyro time and I look forward to building a lot more hours coming up)...As far as the tires go, they did not have any set up like that. You can look up the website for tangogyro and there is an email, if you wanted to ask them about it. I would guess that it would not be a problem though. The panel in the front is pretty much the same as the MTO's. I think it's more of an access panel to get access to the pedals and behind the instrument panel. No baggage there. That's my guess as to why it's there.


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        The Yellow Tango 2 located at the Polk County Airport in Cedartown, GA with the 3 Cylinder FI Yamaha is rated at 135 HP. With the change from a 3 blade prop to a 4 blade prop it is now getting static thrust readings of 560 lbs as tested this summer at an altitude of 975 feet!
        Kind Regards,

        Tom Duncan


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          Re the above mentioned Auto-Gyro MTOsport - the panel upfront - is for light storage

          the POH tells us

          ""Storage compartment in nose section
          Maximum weight in storage compartment....................................... ...........10 kg""


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            [QUOTE=Eric S;n1124296]Wow, fuel injected 130 hp and less money. I like it!

            Did you see any with BIG tires (tundra tires) or did they happen to mention if that might be an option?

            Is that a storage compartment in the nose?

            We are currently prototyping the luggage compartment for the nose of the Tangos... we are also exploring the capabilities of adding Tundra tires on the machines.


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              I just got off the phone with Alex. He called to see exactly where I wanted the radio mounted. Skyped me to make sure I liked the placement. Nice! Also, going with the four blade prop. On the fuel injected engine, it's good for an extra 55 or 60 Lbs of thrust. Not sure the exact number, but it's close to that.