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Looking for real world performance numbers of M24 and Cavalon with 915 is

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  • Looking for real world performance numbers of M24 and Cavalon with 915 is

    Hi folks,

    I'm planning to purchase a gyroplane this summer. I have my commercial rotorcraft and Airplane SEL so I just need to add on the Gyro category.

    I'm looking at 2 seat side x side enclosed models to keep my wife happy :) I also want the 915is to deal with the high density altitudes here in Utah. I would like to do some back country flying in Utah and Idaho along with an occasional trip to Missoula Mt to visit relatives.

    So far the top models on my list are the Magni M24 and the Autogyro Cavalon.

    I like the extra ground clearance and room of the Taurus but I don't see that much support for Trendak in the US. Plus those aircraft seem to sell under different manufacturer names which doesn't sound like a stable company to me.

    I also like the suspension/off airport capability that Sportcopter offers but the SCII is out of my price range and the M2 doesn't seem to be in production.

    I will be getting a ride in the Cavalon on April 12th in Nephi Ut if the weather cooperates but I don't think it's a 915.

    Can anyone tell me the performance of the 915is vs 914 in these aircraft? All I can find on the manufacturers websites is TBD for the 915.

    If there is anyone around Northern Utah that would like to show me their Magni M24 I would greatly appreciate it!!