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Rotorvox C2A gyroplane flight report

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    Brent's price correction is correct. 150 to 170. They corrected it online somewhere.
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      Originally posted by CGameProgrammer View Post
      Yeah the latest issue had an honest although somewhat concise flight review of it. Priced at 200k EUR (currently almost $250k USD), it had nice fit and finish, and excellent outward visibility, but flew very poorly. He said the controls were always very heavy, and merely switching from a left bank to a right bank took some effort, lots of rudder work was needed, when he reduced power it sunk like a brick, etc. Also the Vne is only 87 knots. Maneuvering speed is 70 knots. This is with a Rotax 914.

      It would seem acceptable if not great for $100k but actually costs well over twice that. It just looks good on a showroom floor but is obviously not worth buying, based on the report in the magazine.

      Hopefully Silverlight can do a much better job whenever they finally develop theirs.

      The Cavalon has a VN of 86kts and a maneuvering speed of 75kts so the Rotorvox C2A is not that far off.

      For me gyroplanes are not about top speed and I prefer to wander around the skies at 65kts to 75kts.

      Some people like heavy controls and say it feels like stability to them.

      I suspect the extra weight will lengthen the takeoff roll and slow the climb out; two things that are important to me in a gyroplane.

      perhaps the extra power of the new Rotax will help to mitigate that.

      I feel Silverlight is on the right track with a more powerful engine for a side by side.
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        Brief video published by AVweb yesterday,

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          Originally posted by Zzorse View Post
          Brief video published by AVweb yesterday,

          Thanks for sharing!!
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            Had a chance to talk to the Rotorvox guys including an engineer who helped in design and did all its flight testing Very roomy, all pre-preg carbon fiber mostly, good visibility, hydraulic pre-rotator, and Averso Stella 8.6 m rotor blades. Very wide horizontal stab