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    replacement of the bicycle handlebar with more conventional controls
    To climb and descend in the gyroplane more easily I used a quick coupling to the base of the handle.

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      Très impressionant, René ! Trouves-tu que le surface de la gouverne de direction est suffisamment pour controler le giro dans les situations critiques ? Par éxample dans le cas d'un atterrissage par vent de travers et sans moteur. Et quoi du distance entre le fond du stabilisateur verticale et terre ? Ça semble de ne pas permettre des atterrissages avec le nez en haut. Que tu en penses ?

      Very impressive, René! Dou you find that the size of the rudder is sufficient to control the gyro in critical situation? For example during a landing with no engine and a crosswind? What about the clearance between the bottom of the vertical stabilizer and the ground? It seems that it doesn't permit very nose-high landings. What do you think about this?

      Greetings, -- Chris.
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      Read about my trip across the USA in an MT03 gyro here.


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        In February the sun shines at the aeroclub Bellegarde near GENEVA
        I carried my gyroplane to continue the tests!

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          I love progress! Thank you for sharing the fun Rene.
          Regards, Vance Breese Gyroplane CFI