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    Beau travail, René !
    Ne crois-tu pas que l'équilibrage de ton lanceur par des ressorts ne t'oblige à pousser le manche (au lieu de tirer) pendant les virages quand le poids apparent varie ?
    Mais je suis trop pessimiste, car je craignais aussi la surchauffe de votre embrayage .
    Tous mes voeux de succès pour le prochain week end.

    Nice work, René!
    Do not you think that the balancing of your thermic launcher by springs does not force you to push the stick (instead to pull) during the turns when the apparent weight increases?
    But I'm too pessimistic, because I was afraid overheat of your clutch .
    I Wishes you full success for the next weekend.
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      Les ressorts equilibrent juste le poids du moteur auxilliaire sans le rotor, avec le poids du rotor la tête rotor bascule légèrement en arrière, il y a un vérin pneumatique pour ajuster le trim en tangage

      The springs just balance the weight of the auxiliary motor without the rotor, with the weight of the rotor the rotor head tilts back slightly, there is a pneumatic cylinder to adjust the trim in pitch
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        L'immense intérêt du décalage du moyeu en arrière du pivot de tangage, comme l'a préconisé Igor Bensen, est que toute turbulence tendant à augmenter la portance produit un couple sur le plateau tendant à réduire automatiquement l'angle du plateau, et par conséquent la portance. Cela crée comme tu le sais une grande amélioration de la stabilité en tangage.
        La masse de ton prélanceur sur le plateau risque de réduire, voire d'inverser cet effet, car alors l'augmentation de g sur cette masse produit un couple tendant au contraire à augmenter l'angle du plateau.

        The advantage of shifting the hub behind the pitch pivot, as recommended by Igor Bensen, is that any turbulence tending to increase the lift produces a torque on the plate tending to automatically reduce his angle, and consequently the lift. This creates, as you know, a great improvement in pitch stability.
        The mass of your pre-spiner on the plate may reduce or even reverse this effect, because then the increase of g on this mass produces a torque tending to increase the angle of the plate.
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          Sorry, Jean-Claude,

          The offset of the picth axis is an invention of Juan de la Cierva. It was set in his direct control rotor head


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            Originally posted by Arco View Post
            Sorry, Jean-Claude,

            The offset of the picth axis is an invention of Juan de la Cierva. It was set in his direct control rotor head
            Yes, you are right !

            Looking at the photos of René, they shows that the lever arm of the launcher weight about 8 times more than the offset of the rotor thrust.
            Thus, 1 extra G produces a torque on the plate say 700 lbs * offset
            While the weight of the launcher opposes only about 16 lbs * 8 * offset, ie 130 lbs * offset
            No problem, but it is better to check than to cure

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              Yesterday Tuesday 22 August I realized the first flight of the autogyro ASTRAL with the help of Franck super gyroplane instructor. The take-off is similar to the flight of the Spanish gyroplane the PHENIX. The presentation of the video will be soon.



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                Bravo Réné. Will you bring the ASTRAL to Blois?
                Mike G


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                  Originally posted by Mike G View Post
                  Bravo Réné. Will you bring the ASTRAL to Blois?
                  Mike G
                  Hello Mike
                  I would be in Blois on weekends, the ASTRAL autogyro is at the very beginning of the tests.
                  Maybe I'll meet you



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                    Je serai à Blois Samedi, appelle-moi 0668498795 pour se donner rdv.
                    Mike G


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                      Ready for flight
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                          I built a gyroplane tricycle train because I never wanted to fly either a plane or ulm mutiaxes to conventional train and even less an autogyro type La Cierva. I wanted to build quickly from an existing cell. The choice of the CT180 / 2K with large doors for my corpulence and allows a compact gyroplane around the rotor, ie a moment of inertia compared to the multi-axis long fuselage. I did not build the gyro tractive in order to do the acrobatics I leave the place to autogyros propulsive !!!!!!!!
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                            Nice job Renee


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                              Rene: Curious as to your experiences in these runway flights. Assuming you are your own test pilot.

                              Any unusual torque reactions when you lift off the ground?

                              How about the same with quick application or removal of power?

                              Or, does it fly about the same as your Calidus (?) did?

                              Very much rudder use needed?

                              Being SxS seating, how much, if any, tilt do you get flying solo?

                              Are you using the same flight controls configuration as your prior machine, or did you use your own ideas there?

                              Been enjoying reading your progress on this thread you started! Thanks for sharing this project with us.


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                                Congratulations for this first flight, René.
                                I hope to read quickly your first impressions on this gyro and the differences felt with two passengers