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Little Wing Pilot Size Limits

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  • Little Wing Pilot Size Limits

    Any 6' 2" or taller pilots flying these good looking little whirlybirds? I'm 6-2 and currently fly a Magni M16 from time to time. Would I fit into any or all of the LW's as per plans, or would I have to custom modify the plans to accommodate my height?

    If you fly a LW, I'd appreciate any insight you have.

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    You are going to be most comfortable flying from the rear seat in one of the tandem Littlewings, mainly for the leg room.

    Here are some links to a LW-5 we were working on and the pictures can give you some idea as to the seating room. The rear seat is fairly roomy while the front has limited leg clearance, especially where a frame tube comes close to the knees. You might need to make some slight adjustments to the seat height and cockpit fabric contour to adjust for a very tall pilot in the rear seat but that should not present a challenge.

    Ron Herron designer of the LW's is himself over 6 ft I believe.



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      Thank you, Alan. Those pictures definitely help. I'd like sit in one at some point and see first hand, but opportunities are scarce without going to a fly-in.


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        Revisiting this: how tall are you, Alan?


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          I'm at 70", Matt is about an inch taller. Neither one of us are on the tall size.


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            Am I correct that you have a LW-5?

            I'm wondering if the CG would work out to make it a single place for a 220 to 250 pound pilot. I'm wondering about moving the aft seat forward by a few inches after eliminating the forward seat, and then installing an aux fuel tank and a space for a small duffel bag. What are your thoughts on the feasibility of this idea? I'm under the impression that the aux fuel concept is tricky due to CG shift during consumption.


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              We built an LW5 fuselage to the point of having it on it's gear but then the project was sold to another.

              You will need to do some number crunching to determine if you can do what you want as there are many factors to consider, the weight of your selected engine for one.

              Ideally you want the fuel tanks located at the center of gravity or designed so that as fuel is burned off there is minimal effect on the CG. On the LW5 this is going to be around the front seat position.

              I would suggest you study the design of an LW5 named Woodstock as it maybe more in line with what you are seeking.