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  • Larry Neal Design and parts

    Is there any chance someone might pickup where Larry left off and start building parts and kits for his designs? Would his machinist still make parts if someone would pay him?

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    I sure hope someone buys the company and keeps it going, a lot of great stuff there.
    Mike Grosshans
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      Does anyone have the details of what is being sold and price?


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        No but contact Doug Baker.
        He is forming a customer butterfly support group!
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          A warehouse full of parts!

          Until the probate issues are settled .... everything will be in limbo!

          There are all sorts of parts in the Aurora warehouse .... with rent due to the landlord ... who is brother of the machinist ... who is yet owed for many of the machined parts!

          We sincerely hope that these parts will not "disappear" ... as some other stuff did ... in the early days! The best recovery of rent owed/ work done will be in part sales to current butterfly owners ... hoping good sense prevails & the assests will be preserved & not disposed of for scrap!

          Doug, along with more local (Texas) Butterfly "dealers" may be working on an asset preservation strategy!
          Chris T.
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            No news about that yet? I haven't contacted his niece that was in charge of the company . . .
            Moving on! :)