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The 2019 Sport Copter M2

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  • The 2019 Sport Copter M2

    The Sport Copter M2 prototype was displayed at our Oshkosh booth this summer. Designed for the Australian cattle mustering market, it will be the world's only rough-field two place gyro. It will also make for a superb trainer, being easy to fly and forgiving of student landings.

    We are right now finalizing its all revolutionary carbon-fiber tail, of strength and beauty not seen on any other gyro.

    The M2 will be test-flown shortly with the new Rotax 915 iS and MT constant-speed single-control prop, and we will post flight videos on this page.

    Kit delivery will commence in Spring 2019, with base price (Rotax 912) of $86,500.
    (Additional cost for Rotax 912, or 915 iS.)
    Contact us for order positioning and deposit.

    New Sport Copter Product Brochure