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    Wish them luck. When design is complete including all major assemblies' finalization, you are done with only 25% of the work of properly putting an aircraft into actual production. It is not a fluke that in FAA and EASA certification regimens, type certificate costs are 1/5th that of production certificate costs. Its simpler and less stringent in experimental aircraft but general idea of production engineering being a lot more work than design is still valid and I can attest to that first hand even as we simply add the canopy to AR-1. It always takes longer and costs more than you expect and I have been around this block a few times before


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      Having had the privilege of some time in the Sport Copter II (and the company's open-seat tandem trainer), I recently flew their single-place M912 (with Rotax 912).
      Balancing on the mains and crow hops were easy, and it ground handles very well.
      Vx was about 45mph, with a very steep climb at full power.
      It was quite nimble and beautifully responsive. No wonder owners so love theirs.

      From what I gather, the new M2 will have the "heart" of the M912, and at gross weight (with Rotax 915iS) a similar Power / Weight ratio (0.107 vs. 0.106 hp/lb.).
      That roughly means M912 single-place performance with a passenger in the M2.

      Fly alone in the M2 and enjoy 25% more Power / Weight ratio than the M912, but with enclosed cabin and heat.

      After flying the M912, I'm very excited to see the M2 getting ever closer to completion.


      PP - ASEL complex (C172RG, Piper 180, C206, RV-7A), SP - Gyro (Calidus, RAF, Sport Copter II, M912), soloed in gliders

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