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M2 912 sport copter

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  • M2 912 sport copter

    The new M2 912 is coming along fast .I was very impressed with the new machine ,Vanick is building a strong solid machine.He is using 1 1/4 inch airplane axles new brake system and new bearings ,it is a awesome looking machine.I will try to post some pics of it ,but will have to check with Jim to see if that will be ok.

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    Yes that would be good to see and or get an update - I raised a query re this machine in 2014 - all news welcomed


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      does it still look similar to this ?


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        No photos ,but i can tell you the ship is coming together nice.Sport Copter should have more info on the M2 912 soon .


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          Hi JOY RIDE, good to see your thread here. (Do definitely check with Jim about posting any photos.)

          I'm also excited about the M2. The Aussies have been clamoring for it, and now it's being birthed.
          Am keen to have my own this year and fly with some Cub friends who get in/out of pastures.
          It may not have a sleek Eurotub's higher speed, but the M2's "offroad" capability is more appealing to me.
          (For sleek, there's the future SST.)

          Had not the SCII sidetracked Sport Copter, I think the M2 and SST would have taken the gyro world by storm.

          Regards, Kolibri
          PP - ASEL (Piper 180, C172, RV-7A), SP - Gyro (Calidus, RAF), soloed in gliders; checkride soon

          Wasn't happy with my RAF's pitch instability, so I installed a Boyer H-Stab to my great satisfaction!

          "My expectations: disclose the truth I need to fly safely, and act like you truly care about quality. Anything less is greed or laziness."