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  • AR-1 Build

    First, Iím not affiliated with Silverlight but have been to the factory and was very impressed by the quality of work being done there and Abidís approach to his business. Iím just a lowly pilot wanting his own gyro someday.

    Larry Hauptrief and Mark Kincaid are dealers near me in central Texas and are apparently in the middle of a build right now. Larry is posting pix on their Facebook page, Hill Country Gyros. Lots of good shots to see the quality of the machine plus the progress theyíre making.

    Frankly, any questions are probably better directed at Abid (ďFaraĒ) rather than me; I donít believe Larry or Mark are on this forum but may be wrong.



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    Just to be clear, is this build taking place in Texas or Florida at the factory? Really enjoys the photos.

    Thanks, Roger


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      Hi Roger

      This oneís happening at the factory in FL, as I believe happens for all of the builds at the moment though I understand Larry and Mark would like to do some level of building in TX in the future.