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Zephyrhills, FL to Wadesboro, NC delivery

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  • Zephyrhills, FL to Wadesboro, NC delivery

    Delivered this AR-1 with Barry Ford from Zephyrhills, FL to Wadesboro, NC yesterday. Between 84 to 90 knots all the way. 5.5 hours flight time, though we took nice one hour breaks at each stop to relax. Not exactly a direct route to avoid military operation areas a little. Did go through Charlie airspace of Shaw Airforce Base however, where the controller insisted on putting in an extra 6 in the identifier even after 4 attempts to correct her. Must be the accents me (South Asian) and Barry Ford (British) both have. Got a really bad head cold unfortunately just the night before the flight and its getting even worse now. Yuks.
    Zephyrhills, FL to Waycross, Ga
    Waycross, Ga to Orangeburg, SC
    Orangeburg, SC to Wadesboro, NC

    Fuel burn two up averaged 5.6 GPH (21.2 LPH) in the 914UL powered AR-1

    Thanks to Barry, Scott Wagner and the rest of the wonderful gyro guys at Wadesboro for the fun chat and for putting us up for the night and Sid (the customer) for buying us all dinner and breakfast :) and arranging the flight back with Larry in his Malibu (an absolutely wonderful person and pilot)

    Flight back was about half the time this morning in Larry's Piper Malibu 75th anniversary edition. Pushing buttons on G1000 at 20000 feet at 200 knots TAS and using auto-pilot is not exactly my idea of flying so I got bored and took a nap but it was a nice aircraft for travel for sure. Don't understand why more people don't go for it compared to Cirrus.
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    Abid and Barry....,great seeing you guys and thanks for coming and visiting the North Carolina Barnstormers!
    You are now both full fledge members so better see you at the Spring BarnStormers Fly In!!

    Congrats to Sid on an absolutely stunning AR1....... Flies like she's on rails!!


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      Barry, Just spoke to you yesterday !! Why the secret ? Who got the new ship ?