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No More Dragon Wings?

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    Originally posted by bpearson View Post
    On a selfish note....very bad news for us in the UK. They are the only available blades we can currently use and the recent rise in interest in single seaters could be strangled.
    My guess is this company intends to follow the current craze of churning out ELA clones and wants to make their own blades.
    Pity Mr Boyette can't give us more details but he probably has his reasons.
    By "this company" you mean Luminati Aerospace?


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      Name reminds me of the illuminati conspiracy stuff! LOL! Or is it just an enlightened approach to aviation.... I guess we will have to wait and see what HAPPENS!..

      Hopefully we will hear from them here on the this very forum.
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        Originally posted by fara View Post

        By "this company" you mean Luminati Aerospace?
        Yes. It seems to be the current trend.


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          So,, What is the future of Dragon wings? will they just never be heard of again? or will the price just double and the service will suck? I guess we will have to see,
          So that leaves what, sportcopter as the only American blade manufacturer?
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