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    Well, as luck would have it, I was able to fly and get signed off on the Taurus today. Prop control was easy. With the cool temps, I had to either add a little pitch or go to only 90% throttle on TO to avoid over speeding. Not hard to do. Once in cruise, turn the handle about one full turn to drop the rpm a couple hundred and increase efficiency. I found the Taurus a pleasure to fly, and much easier than the Tercel when loaded with only one person. The Tercel is so wide, that with one person I think it is too far out of lateral balance and more difficult to fly coordinated than I would like. The Taurus (pilot in the middle) was great. I think it will come down to the Magni or the Taurus. The nice thing about the Taurus is that without the third seat, there is room for a folding bike, tent, and a bag.


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      Congratulations, way to make it happen!
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        Ces images parlent d'elles-mÍmes