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    Originally posted by twistair View Post

    Sorry, couldn't resist: with all respect to Magni family the first Euro gyro company were Cierva autogyros long before.
    Haha, point well taken, however one might argue that although Cierva did open and operate the Cierva Autogiro Company in the UK from 1926 until his death (in a commercial FW, no less) in 1943, they were designing and building aircraft that although forerunner and akin to post-Bensen gyrocopters they were, nonetheless, not gyrocopters at all but rather autogiros, LOL. (I kno, I'm digging here...) Some (me) maintain there is a technical difference, in that these were much larger scale, commercial tractor aircraft not aimed at sport flying as are the modern pusher "gyros", the term here referring specifically to the basic open-frame pusher gyrocopters and current list of gyroplanes we now have in the post-war, modern era of auto-rotation lifting rotorcraft.

    This is not the first time this has been taken up on RF, it is the ultimate RF question and has been bandied about many times: What is the difference between a gyrocopter, gyroplane, and autogiro???

    I should just add "...still in operation...", to qualify my original statement more easily though. Either way, nice chatting with you today!

    Originally posted by twistair View Post

    Jos Scheppers (spell?) in Ostende, Belgium, powered some M16s with his own Subaru EA-81 conversion and flew it successfully ca. 15 years ago. His conversion had a number of clever upgrades and was very lightweight. Here is a short video:
    Thanks! I was hoping someone could add some info to the blog regarding other conversions :)
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      I also found an old thread here about one of Jos' conversions with some his own comments:
      Alex Lameko
      Russian gyroforum
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        I met Vittorio Magni a number of years ago when he attended a Bensen Days flyin with Greg Gremminger who had shortly before become the US Magni dealer.

        Magni, who didn’t speak a word of English, was accompanied by his interrupter, a charming young lady who was fluent in English.

        I explained to her that although my first wife was Italian, the only Italian phrases I'’d learned were; "“andiamo a mangiare"” and “"andiamo a letto"” meaning let’s eat and let’s go to bed.

        When Magni heard me say in Italian; “"let’s go to bed”" he lit up, not knowing the context of our conversation and imagining that I was propositioning his interpreter.

        Magni learned how to design gyros from having built a Bensen. The rotorhead and rotorblades of the Magni gyros are from designs of Jukka Tervamaki, who had interned at Bensen.
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          Magni news - two brand new M24 Orions registered yesterday in the USA - Magni gyro serial #1094 and 1096 - both registered in Texas. N678HJ and N918HS.

          Astute readers will note that Magni have delivered approx 50 gyros in the past six months ( see data in the original post #1 ).


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            Brand new M24 Orion registered this week 2-2-18 in Missouri - N153BB, Magni gyro serial #1084


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              Originally posted by Steve_UK View Post
              Brand new M24 Orion registered this week 2-2-18 in Missouri - N153BB, Magni gyro serial #1084
              Actually its in Mississippi


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                Thanks Spray - my mistake, must slow down when I'm reading


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                  Newly registered last week 2018 build Magni M16 - Magni gyro #1112 - N327MG - registered in Germantown, New York


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                    Another Magni pops up in todays FAA data too - I guess a batch probably got shipped at the same time - this one is

                    N109MG M16 - Magni gyro #1110 with Magni USA, Missouri