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  • Helicycle wind noise

    First off seems this forum is kind of dead? Is this the best forum for the helicycle?

    I am planning on building a helicycle this winter and I am trying to read as much as I can. I have talked to a few builders/flyers and they say they don't like flying above 80mph because of the wind noise off the back of the cabin. Does anyone have a solution to this that you could post some pictures of? Is 80mph the speed you fly when you go cross country? Once I build mine I plan on flying it to southern Utah (200NM) away.

    Thanks for any info


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    Yes, sadly this site has just become too difficult to navigate and keep up with, I've been trying to give it a chance but just don't stop in like I use to.
    As for the best place for Helicycle info, you can't beat the original Yahoo site. Most builders and flyers still receive all the posts and are generous in their advice and counsel... That's especially true after you purchase your kit and get access to the builders section. A very supportive bunch of guys...
    If you're serious about building or flying, get your butt out to Homers Fly-in:
    After a 'pause' of 5 years, he's having one last(?) meet and there are going to be _lots_ of receive and Rotorways (as well as an interesting smattering of all other types) there. Absolutely the best place to see, touch and get your questions answered.

    Tim 4-21


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      Dustin how you coming along with the helicycle project?? And did you go to Homer's fly-in?? Tim did you get to go??


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        I was not able to go. Busy trying to make money to buy a helicycle! I have started on the helicycle, kind of. I am about finished building the detached garage, where I plan to build the helicycle.
        Looks like Tim did go to Homers flying. Someone posted a video.
        Go to 1:01 mark. Tim your helicycle is pretty sweet. I love the looks of it and I love the windscreen. Defiantly does not look like a "home-built" heli. I am super curious how you made your windscreen?


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          Hey Dustin and hanger36,
          Yes, I did manage to make it down to Homers (and on to Oshkosh after!). It was a really great trip with a lot of great guys...
          Actually the helicycle in the video at the 1:01 mark is Dave Carters very nice ship. He had just recently gotten it flying and together with Joe Loxtercamp ('TweetyBird') and Mark Whistler (the yellow and black 'Bee') we put quite a few hours on our ships blasting around and flying out to lunch every day. Loads of fun. My ship doesn't make an appearance till 6:50 and later there is some embarrassing footage of me trying to stack cones. That video really shows the quantity and variety of ships that show up at Homers Meet! Well worth the effort to go if we can talk him into another one.
          As for the windscreen, I ended up making my own mold and doing some other cabin mods that allowed me to glue it in. I'm pretty happy with the way it turned out. When you get your first delivery give me a call and we'll talk :-)

          Tim 4-21


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            I forgot to add a couple zeros.

            (1:01:00) One hour and one min mark I think is you Tim?

            Sweet looking bird!

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