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  • HeliCycle UTAH?

    I am located Provo airport KPVU. Anybody close-by have a Helicycle I can come and look at? I am thinking of building them but have a couple questions.

    Can anyone post pictures of how you fit being tall? I am 6' 2" and wondering if its going to be to small?

    Any idea what resell value of these are? Probably never get out what you have into them will you?

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    Hey this is Jay from Hangar 36, don't know if you're dead set on the Helicycle. If not we will have our Dynali H3 in the states in about 2 months I just finished the build
    at the plant in Belgium. I have some video of the 1st flight and some build pictures on our Facebook page @ and our
    website is it has our numbers there call if you're interested or just post here. Good luck with your project!


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      Hey Shadowrider, I know of at least one Helicycle based near you. Brian Stevens has a very nice ship at (iirc) West Desert airfield. Drop me a personal message and I'll try to get you in touch with him...

      Helicycle 4-21


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        At last year's ROTR, there was a Helicycle in Curt's hangar that was reportedly for sale...


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          Originally posted by Kevin_Richey View Post
          At last year's ROTR, there was a Helicycle in Curt's hangar that was reportedly for sale...
          Thanks....I looked up ROTR and it looks like its at Nephi airport. Do you have a contact for "Curt" and I will try calling him? Thanks



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            For some 7 or so years, ROTR was held@ Brigham City's airport. That is where Curt's hangar is @.
            For a couple of years prior to that it was @ West Delta airpark. Nephi, UT, is the new location this year.
            If you send me your contact info in a private message, I'll forward that to Curt. Glenn Kerr and other Utah gyro folks has his phone #. I don't.

            The Helicycle in his hangar is owned by someone else. It reportedly had a minor mishap and has been repaired. I seem to recall the asking price is somewhere around $45K.
            Are you looking to buy a new one, or used? Are you looking for a Helicycle owner for their comments/experience only?


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              Thanks! I was able to meet up with Brian Stevens and he not only showed me his heli-cycle, he flew it around for me. Pretty awesome. He let me sit in it and there was not much room. I got in touch for Collin for Canada and I am going to get a bubble canopy for more visibility and more headroom! I need to finish my shop this summer so I can start building this winter.