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New Safari - Safari 500

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  • New Safari - Safari 500

    Iíím happy (and somewhat surprised) to see that the new Safari 500 is in production. What do you think about it?

    My understanding is that the new 500 is a 400 with a new shell. I think itís great looking.

    The engine is a Titan 370-series. Form what Iííve read (mostly on Vanís Air Force community) this engine seems to be solid.

    Looking at the Safari 400 safety record it seems that the recent years accidents are related to the tail rotor area. Has this problem been throughly looked into and taken care of?

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      I hate to say it but I don't think any of the helicopter guys frequent this site anymore. Wish I knew where they went.

      Personally I prefer the looks of the 400 over the 500. I suppose I'm Ol' fashioned that way. Doesn't really matter tho, they're both well above my price range.