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Dynali H3 in North America

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  • Dynali H3 in North America

    September 2017 was marked by two significant events in the expansion of Dynali microlight helicopter sales. The Belgian company launched their H3 microlight in 2013 and currently have over 50 of these small but agile helicopters flying around the world.
    In October 2017 the first Dynali H3 was registered in the USA as N361EX. It is owned by the US importer, Hangar 36, in Cincinnati.
    This machine will be used as a demonstrator and has already attracted a great deal of interest in North America as the lowest cost side by side 2 seat helicopter in the world, both to purchase and to operate.
    Further information from Jay Johnston at or telephone shop 513-541-4744 or cell 513-205-2484
    In the same month, Dynali received its first order for an H3 from New Zealand and shipped an H3 to South Korea and another to France as well as three kits to China.
    Dynali is now planning to extend its production facilities by the addition of a new building which will double the factory floor space. It is estimated that the addition of this building will enable Dynali to maintain its exceptionally short delivery cycle (maximum of 120 working days) while the production continues to increase.
    For further information see
    or telephone to Michael at +32 (0) 67 55 29 98

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