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Latest Hornet plans and specs?

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    I too have the 13.2 version of the plans and looking for the updated 14.0 version. If you care to send a copy my way I would appreciate it.



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      One more, please


      Having looked long and hard at the Gyrobee, I discovered the Hornet.

      It looks quite interesting and I like his reasons for the design.

      I have DL the 13.2 package, but it's usually important to get the newest version.

      I already have a Rotax 503 SC, wooden 62"x32" propellor and a set of 23" McCutchen Skywheels with centerpiece, all bought long ago and never used.
      Also some avionic parts I bought at Oshkosh in the late 80's.

      I have no PPL, never even tried a gyroplane. But I plan on having a test flight in Sweden this spring or summer. After all, it would be best to really get
      the bug before starting the build.



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        Version 13.2 for reference.
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        Mike Grosshans
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        Southwest Rotorcraft Editor


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          Thank you Mike.

          After a (very) short look at the plans I see the designer has changed the rudder to be all-flying.
          I'm not fond of the idea, so I'll probably stick to the old rudder, unless there is a very good reason.
          And if I decide to use an all-flying rudder, then I'll use two sets of cables.

          I'll also keep it simple with the old one-piece mast. The KISS principle; fewer parts. Maybe use two 2"X1" masts.

          I would like to put in two small storage spaces for spare clothing and small tools underneath the seat and the tank.

          Fortunately our ultralight rules allows for 60 more pounds than yours, hehe.
          But I know I can't use all that, when I have only a 503 for power.

          I'll use my plane locally and very rarely bring it on a ferry on a small trailer.


          On edit: In Denmark an ultralight can have a dry weight of 180kg - that's even more, than I wrote.
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            Originally posted by rcflier View Post
            Thank you Mike.

            ... I would like to put in two small storage spaces for spare clothing and small tools underneath the seat and the tank. ...
            If you put them above the seat in a compartment mounted on the mast, you'll help the thrustline situation, making the thing more responsive and less inclined to do a PPO. Overall, the more weight and drag you put down low, the less safe it is.
            Just Plane Bob

            looking for an ultralight gyro!!!


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              Hi bob.

              It would be for lightweight stuff and I'll be using a set of 26 year old unused McCutchen 23" blades, which are a bit heavy. Those might raise the CG slightly.

              Thank you for looking after me - I'll need all the help I can get, since I
              live in a country (and even way out to sea), where few people fly.

              Hooray for the 'net.

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                Thanks for posting the new plans.
                New to gyros


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                  Thanks for posting the plans! I am looking into building a Hornet. Is 14 still the latest and greatest?


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                    I believe 14 was the last iteration of the Hornet.