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    Originally posted by Doug Riley View Post
    U-brackets are actually a fairly awful way to connect tubes together from the structural viewpoint. A U-bracket forces the loads off-center compared to the bolts at the base of the U. This in effect wastes much of the strength of the tubular strut that's bolted to the U.
    Agreed. I'm not a fan of loads focused a distance away from the hardpoint attachment. At any angle other than perpendicular it tends to exert a prying force. I opted to re-think this arrangement and eliminated them altogether from the inboard airframe. I took advantage of extra keel length aft of the mast and ran the heim connections internally. Not seen in the photo are internal spacers and "link plates" that span both vertical bolts for reinforcement. Vertical bolts pass through both 2X2 tubes. The forward drag strut heim connectors are a similar arrangement. The side clearance holes do weaken the tube due to loss of cross sectional area at that location, but is reinforced by the unitization of keel and tailboom. It was important to locate the drag strut clearance holes slightly aft of their vertical connector bolts due to the angle that it connects to the keel.

    Edit to add: This gyro is still under construction
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