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    Falcon Body.

    this was my Falcon Gyro with Body.

    Call Anthony at : 919-340-0038 about the Falcon and Bodys

    Tell him Animal sent ya.
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      Originally posted by greeny View Post
      For exactly the reasons you mentioned, I built and fly an enclosed single seater, a DF-02-> pictures. It flies very nicely and it's no problem to fly it during winter time.

      But I strongly disadvise to just pick up whatever cabin you find.
      Simply speaking, enclosed gyros must have less active area in front of the center of gravity than behind. Otherwise you tend to be in very big troubles very soon (slips that get worse by itself).

      Unless you are able to do these calculations, you are better off with a proven design like the DF-02 or the CloudDancer 1.
      Your DF-02 looks great. Does it get warm inside during the summer months?
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        Where can I get a DF-02 cabin? :)
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          Originally posted by Timchick View Post
          Your DF-02 looks great. Does it get warm inside during the summer months?
          On the tarmac only if you have to wait.
          As soon as you are flying, a baseball cap against the sun and open vents do a decent job.
          Heat is a minor problem in my place, anyway. Except in office buildings, nobody has AC and nobody misses it.

          @Scott: Beg, steal or borrow ..
          It's, like always, a question of figures.
          If you mention the right amount, you can even buy a second hand Pope ;)
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            Here’s an enclosed single.