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    I hope that someone can help me with this. I wanted to clean my rotor blades so I proceeded to disassemble them. I had a hell of a time lining up the 8 blocks that hold the blades to the bar. At the time all 8 blocks looked the same but when I was putting the blades back together I had to mix and match them in order to get a combination that did not bind or require a hammer to force the bolts in. It took me about an hour to find a combination that fit together without binding. It reminded me of a rubix cube. Are all of these blocks the same? or is there a slight difference in the hole locations. I will mic them the next time that I remove them. I must have them on right because everything runs smooth with no vibrations at the rotor.

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    I was always told "NEVER" remove the blocks on the top and bottom of the blades. Only the 4 bolts holding the blades to the hubbar.
    I would think, when you find the correct placement of the blocks. You will have to do a really good job "STRINGING" the blades. I have been told that Bensen blades can be a real bugger to get to align up, because of the blocks being loose when trying to string them.
    Good luck!!!
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      Marking parts before disassembly with a scribe or marker, not with numbers or letters but just a line that starts on one part and continues across the other part will tell you which part matches which and the orientation, but if two machined surfaces are bolted together and have never been apart the mating surface should not need cleaning. I know this really doesn't answer your question but could help in the future.


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        I got lucky and located the scribe marks on the blocks


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          I would check the AOA to make sure the scribe marks are still correct.
          David Bacon