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    I bought a Bensen about 8 months ago and it is in good condition. It had been licensed as experimental and had N numbers. I decided to take lessons first before trying to fly it. I have been training in a Magni for 2 months and I have had 6 lessons. My instructor has told me that it is time to find someone with Bensen experience to help me with the transition.I am trying to find someone with Bensen experience to mabe meet me at El Mirage and check out my machine. I am not a rich man and I am struggling to pay for my lessons but mabe someone would be willing to trade. I probably have something you could use or mabe you need some electrical , plumbing or motor work done. I held a license in these fields for 28 years. Any help would be appreciated.

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    In addition to the help you seek from an experienced Bensen flyer, track down a copy of the Bensen training manual and follow it religiously. I also trained in 2-place Magnis and an MTO, but found my single place machine to be a totally different experience. I think a single place is much more fun to fly, but very different. They are extremely maneuverable compared to 2-place machines. I learned to fly gyros by getting dual instruction, but I learned to fly my single place gyro by patiently following the Bensen manual. Now I can make that sucker dance in the sky!


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      I have all the books and paperwork that you are talking about. I was going to self train using the Bensen manuals but got talked out of it. I have studied these manuals for countless hours. I just thought it smart to have someone check out my Bensen and mabe give me some pointers. I do realize that there is going to be a difference in the two machines. It is going to be like going from a cruiser to an F22 raptor, much more responsive = much more fun. I just want to make sure that I am ready for that fun.


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        Vernon - thanks for posting.

        As Vernon mentioned he is taking lessons with me in a Magni M-16. My gyroplane experience is in the Magni and AR-1 as well as some recent flying of a 582 equipped Sport Copter. I have also flown with Vance in the Predator. The Sport Copter flies very light compared to the Magni. It's a different flying experience. For that reason, I have suggested to Vernon that he locate someone who can provide type specific training. He has an N numbered single seat Benson machine. I don't see a scenario where I would feel comfortable endorsing a single seat solo. I know it saves on training cost to have your own machine but would you take take a 15 hr student pilot in a Sky hawk and say go fly this single seat sport plane. Probably not,

        Vernon is a fast learner and gaining a lot of aviation knowledge but I don't believe the Magni is preparing him for the Benson experience and I can not recommend the teach yourself how to fly method.

        Is there anyone doing training in a Benson style machine?

        Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

        Foothill Sport Aviation


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          Steve McGowan in Georgia may be the last CFI in America still offering training in the Parsons, which is about the only trainer out there which would be like a Bensen with two seats.I haven't seen Steve post for a while, and don't know if he's currently instructing, but he'd be a great choice in your situation. You can find his contact info on the PRA website (

          If you can meet up with the folks from PRA Chapter 1 at El Mirage, or PRA Chapter 31 in the San Diego area, they might know of some closer options.
          Paul W. Plack
          Private ASEL, SP Gyroplane
          Secretary, URA & PRA2
          Editor, Western Rotorcraft


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            Hello cloudhopper, I will be at El Mirage the end of the month,31-1. I can check out your gyro, no charge. I have my KB2 there. It is Marion's birthday party so come on out. I agree Steve is the best one to transition you into you gyro.
            David Bacon


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              Can you confirm that date. you wrote 31-1 ?. I will definitely be there. My wife and one of my friends will be coming with me. Thanks for the invite.


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                March 31 - April 1
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                David Bacon