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    Mike has the 110 hp which has a different gearbox. My engine is the vertical mount and he went to a 3 gear box not a two. There are only a couple of these flying. Although one has over 100 hours mine is the only one on a slow speed pusher configuration which may be why I am experiencing something the others have not. I have yet to see the new cooling-venting he has done to my engine. I will let you guys know what I think when i have beat it up some.
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    Currently building an Aviomania GS2 powered by a Viking 2015 130 HP Engine. Expected completion about two weeks. Wait a minute....I finished it!


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      Wow Joe! Not only are you an accomplished pilot, but you are also a brave man; I must admit I'd be pushing for money back and changing to a Rotax. But that's just me.
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        I'm on the edge of my seat waiting for more news !
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        Happy Flying, Chris S.