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    I think most of the cost is in the different pod. Otherwise it's just a variation of the triangulating pieces holding the mast to permit the pilot to sit between them rather than on top of them. Otherwise the frames are the same I think.


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      Thanks very much for that elucidation Will.

      I have an imperfect knowledge of section T and its test requirements, but would venture that structural changes in a model would possibly require complete re-testing...and a similar delay for an enclosed canopy version to be approved?


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        I think it very likely that a complete re-test would be required as the LAA would likely take the view that the additional structural members would have a significant effect.- though by then the process would be known and therefore faster. Closed cockpits require more close review of things like wiring though Nicolas has assured me that the electrical wiring is in any case to an aviation standard. But nevertheless that would be tested too.


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          Coming up for a year later. Any movement Will?

          I do know that Mike in Ireland is moving forward with his ‘new’ single seat for the UK and Ireland.

          I do think there has, slowly, begun a resurgent interest is single seat gyros, if only due to the costs associated with the factory two seaters.

          A new rotor and new prop both promise increases in efficiency and performance over the previous, less than impressive figures for the original version of this gyro.


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            Ha! Yes and no! I speak to Nicolas regularly. Several intertwined problems. Fundamentally, there is no point taking it through the approval process until the design is properly stable as it becomes so difficult to change it after that. The demise of Dragonwings created a problem and also some design changes. However, I m optimistic that we will get progress soon now. At any rate, I hope I won't be saying the same thing again in a year's time!!


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              It would seem that the original ‘'Two weeks'’ experienced by Stan when building John’s (All-In) machine has now morphed into 'Two years’' ...and waiting.

              When does any design become ‘stable’? The Dragon Wing problem is a set back, but not insurmountable, as the LAA/Francis Donaldson is reported to have been considering approval for the new Gyro Tech blades.

              Sadly don’t see any Genesis in the UK in the foreseeable future though I would be very happy to be proved wrong.


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                Yeah, where's John? a lot of people were expecting things to happen in the U.S. with the Genesis, kind-a- petered out, too bad!!!!!!
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                fools talk because they have to say something."



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                  Leigh.. Gyrotech rotors were extensively tested....... no good at all for OUR single seat!!!!!!!
                  We have a great design and i do not want to compromise it just to make sales.... i want to sell products that i believe in.... not something that has been compromised!!!!
                  We have one in Cyprus flying with Gyrotech... we made a lot of modifications to it... but still is only 80% as good as the original design.. so i do not want to sell a single seat with other blades.... therefore it will take some time to finalize the new option (which I do not want to go in detail).

                  So the only single seat sales are done with the agreement that the rotor blades will be replaced to the new option as soon as it will be available. As you know this cannot be done in UK since it will require a new certification for the new option. That is why we will wait till the final new option will be available.

                  The 2 seat is fine with Gyrotech rotors.. Although i still prefer the dragon wings on it... but the difference is not that great... just 5 Mph slower, 30 meters longer take of run, 80 fpm less climb and not for aggressive yanking and banking....

                  Aviomania is now restructuring everything ...... more details will follow!!!

                  attached pictures of Gyrotech rotors testing.
                  Attached Files
                  Nicolas Karaolides

                  Dead stick landing
                  G1sa 99 hour Testing
                  Join me on-board G1sa

                  The 2 seat G2sa "Genesis Duo" early testflights

                  BOOSTER PREROTATOR


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                    Nicolas, unfortunately Dragon Wings seem to be out of production. You it seems have been trying the new rotors but do not seem happy with them for the single seat, and, if I am understanding you correctly, only wish your product to be used with approved blades.

                    This is very interesting for us in the UK as we are getting short for blades. Rotor Hawkes, Dragon Wings, McCutcheon, Layzelle, and the ones Layzelle replaced, Rotordynes, are all no longer available as new blades.

                    Each type had their strong and weak points so if you could let us know what the strengths and weakness as found by you in the new type are, it would be most helpful to the people here looking for a set of blades.

                    You seem to be in the process of sourcing a new type of blades to be used with the machine, but until they have been finalised, will not be pursuing certification in the UK.

                    This process will take some time to finalise.

                    Will await further updates.


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                      Me too. I have a set of GyroTech blades for a single seat ship but have not flown them yet. The chord sizes that GT makes are consistent with what you might see on a 2-place, but was assured by GT they would be well suited for a light 1-place. I'm curious to learn your findings. My ship is purpose-built to be a slow floater, so the undesirable qualities may only apply if high-performance is the aim. Please let us know. Thank you.