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SkyBeacon on AutoGyro brand gyros

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  • SkyBeacon on AutoGyro brand gyros

    I just received my second failed ADS-B performance report from the FAA. The UAvionix support tech has told me that the SkyBeacon can't be made to work on surfaces that block the signal such as tip tanks, near large metal or liquid objects (engines, tanks), and as others have mentioned carbon fiber body panels. The support tech was very knowledgable about his product and we tried some settings adjustments. In the end, he recommended I remove the SkyBeacon as it will not work on my Calidus. FYI to others as 2020 approaches. I know others have used the SkyFYX with the Echo UAT and antenna, but the SkyBeacon is not the way to go. Ray

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    My A&P removed the SkyBeacon and placed a Garmin GDL-82. The GPS receiver for the system was placed on the nose. The FAA performance report showed compliance in all phases. The key was to not have the antennae/receiver blocked by carbon fiber panels. Ray


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      I have a Garmin GTX335 in my Bell 47, with the GPS position source antenna inside the perspex bubble on the top of the instrument stack and the transponder blade antenna on the bottom of the aircraft on the biggest sheet metal panel of the fuselage. There are no issues with those placements, and my performance report from earlier today shows a maximum failure on any element of no more than 0.03% (1 second out of a 56 minute flight), with most items at 0%. I would really have doubts about any system that is so mounting position sensitive as the SkyBeacon appears to be.