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  • Cavalon Ring Gear

    A friend of mine has a Cavalon with very low hours and discovered today that the teeth on the pre rotator ring gear are all bent with four of the teeth completely flat. The bendix still appears to be okay but cant imagine how much longer it will last.
    Would anyone know how this could have happened????

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    attempted engagement of PR @ flight rpm ... but bendix released back?????
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      My wild guess; not based on any actual experience with this problem in an AutoGyro product; is the ring gear should have been hardened and was not. I would not fly the Cavalon until his is repaired.
      Regards, Vance Breese Gyroplane CFI


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        The bendix was probably not adjusted correctly making full tooth contact, it was probably just engaging on the outer edges of the teeth, Just like a car starter, in the old days you had starter shims to adjust the tooth contact, it would be my guess to get a new ring gear and properly adjust the bendix.
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          There was a series of autoGyro ring gears that were not correctly hardened and were to be replaced. Id contact AG to see if this was in that series.
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            AG have agreed to replace the defective ring gear. Thanks to all for your help.