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    Here are some tips and ideas take the friction out of greasing:

    To guarantee long seal life, maintain a strategic distance from fittings that have been harmed and may have a little bit sharp burr.

    Because this new coupler is somewhat longer than the standard coupler, it may not achieve some limited fittings. Sometimes this can be settled by supplanting the troublesome fitting with a 45 or 90-degree fitting. Or then again you can take the standard coupler that you supplanted and string a 45 or 90 onto it. At that point cut the old coupler to the new coupler. Presently you have a helpful little connector at no cost.

    When you have to expel the coupler from a pressurized fitting, the coupler might be difficult to expel with simply weight from your thumb. To help with discouraging the thumb lever use some sort of forceps-like instrument. It will require next to no push to discharge the coupler. Contorting, pulling and wrenching on the coupler to discharge it won't work, and there is a danger of harming the seal particularly if the fitting has some sort of sharp burr.

    At the point when the coupler is new, the sliding sleeve sometimes needs help to slide forward and bolt onto the fitting. Simply grasp the sleeve and simply drive it forward.