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A Cavalon upset in Victoria, BC.

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  • A Cavalon upset in Victoria, BC.

    Victoria International airport Cavalon mishap was reported on the news at 2:30 February 12, 2018.

    Pilot hospitalized but was able to walk from the mishap with assistance.

    One story has the Cavalon climbing on takeoff to 15 feet with an untidy decent back to the runway.

    None of the news articles seem very informative to me on what might have happened.
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    I find the Cavalon a very unforgiving gyrocopter and allowing the nose too high on takeoff can lead to an unplanned landing. Be interested to hear more information about the accident. Glad the pilot is okay.


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      a local news report here

      The gyro was delivered new last year, registered in April 2017.


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        At this point, I think the Icon A5 has a better track record than the Cavalon. Just sayin'
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          I watch people fly Cavalons at events and some are a little carless about takeoff and landing precision.

          In my opinion any side by side is more challenging near the ground than a tandem.

          RAFs and SparrowHawks are prone to upsets too.

          I prefer clients have time in a tandem before transitioning into a side by side.

          The Cavalon is a good seller so lots of inexperienced pilots are flying them.

          To many people a Cavalon looks more aviation like than a gyroplane like The Predator.

          The pictures are from the second air show I flew in a Cavalon with a steep climb out and a simulated engine out landing.

          They had me landing and taking off on the taxiway to manage the flow of the airshow better.

          I was the only one.
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            Vance has the answer,there are a lot of Cavalons flying with low time Gyro pilots,and in my opinion they could use a

            tad more HP.When I first started flying my RAF the extra HP helped me when I took off just a little too soon several times,

            had I been flying a lesser HP machine I would have also became a statistic. Just glad the pilot is OK.
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              Nursing an underpowered linked nose wheel two place off the ground is not for me. Even if it looks like a 2099 Corvette.


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                In my opinion a Cavalon is a very nice aircraft to fly and my favorite cross country gyroplane for overnight trips over 400 miles.

                I prefer an open tandem for sporting around on short hops of less than 400 miles.

                There is plenty of room for storage and it has a good range.

                It doesn't appear to me that this mishap had anything to do with the hard linked nose gear.

                The hard linked nose wheel only becomes a problem if the pilot is heavy on the pedals.

                The nose wheel will caster if you let it.

                Some of my clients have landed badly misaligned and not had a problem because they were not heavy on the pedals.

                Same with the takeoff roll in a cross wind, light on the pedals and if you accidently touch down the nose wheel and she casters.

                During the takeoff roll the nose wheel comes up early making it easy to keep it off the ground.

                Knowing how to fly any gyroplane is important.

                The Cavalon has a few quirks as do all gyroplanes.
                Regards, Vance Breese Gyroplane CFI


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                  It's probably possible for some people to learn to ride a square wheeled bicycle. I don't have what it takes.

                  Open tandem with castering nose wheel and 150 + hp. with suspension is my dream machine even if it looks like a hay bailer.

                  Sorry about getting off of the subject.


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                    I advise my students to learn in my tandem and transition over to the Cavalon as tandems are far easier to learn on.
                    While the Cavalon is a great tourer with a good cruise speed and quite good on fuel especially with an inflight adjustable prop, getting them off the ground can be challenging. We had one 912 Cavalon here in Oz and I found it under powered when flying two up.