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    What wheel's and Tires are you guys running on your AirCommand's? I have the bicycle tire for the front and some skinny tires for the back. I have heard of others using a free spinning castering wheel setup for the front. If any of you are using it, please let me know what you like about it versus the manufacturer setup?

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    I run a 2.80/2.50-4 on the front of mine. I converted to full castering nose wheel and differential toe brakes. Castering allows you to make a small mistake on landing (letting the nose wheel hit while landing in a crosswind) and not worry about the machine tipping over due to the nose getting pushed sideways. You can make tighter turns with differential brakes also. A con is you'll have to add a master cylinder and re learn how to steer and use your brakes.

    At 12:20 in this video I show the wheel and rudders/brakes.
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