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  • Aircommand safety

    Hi all,
    I am on the market for buying my first gyro kit and was wondering if the new CLT Aircommand elite single seat gyros are as safe as other gyros currently on the market like Aviomania etc. I am a bit sceptical about the small HS.

    Regards Andy

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    It appears to me that the raised up Air Commands have a better safety record than the low rider Air commands but it is hard to tell because there were so many more low riders.

    I know people who have a lot of hours in both styles of Air Commands. I do not have any time in either. It appears that a skilled pilot can fly either well.

    If you were training with me I would recommend an Aviomania G1sB because I feel it is less prone to pilot induced oscillations (PIO).

    I have not personally flown one. I have watched a G1sE fly in person with a low time pilot and it appeared to be very steady.

    Most new gyroplane pilots have a tendency to over control and the G1sB appears to me to be well dampened.

    I hope you will get training because in my opinion a gyroplane has some unique skills required to fly well and safely.

    There are probably as many people unsuccessful at self-training as those who were successful. The cost of failure can be quite high.

    Dennis Fetters designed the low rider Air Command and he recommends training before you fly.
    Regards, Vance Breese Gyroplane CFI


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      Hi Andreas

      We've done hang tests on many machines at Mentone convention. But never had a new Air Command.
      Not seen a build thread on here of a new Air Command so don't really know.
      However if CLT then the pitch will not move when you apply full throttle and pull it back to idle even with no HS.
      If it is then it's the same as Aviomania's CLT only no torque roll control stability which you could add with tabs on the HS.

      I would want to do a hang test first, just to make sure before I bolted the motor mount to the mast and adjust it to true CLT.
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        I've got over 500 hours on my CLT Air Command Elite and I belive it's as safe as any gyro. But is it the gyro or the training?
        :) david PRA 36618 EAA 751148 :) N879DH


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          Thank you all for your replies.
          It seems that Aircommand is back in business with the new Website and new owner Joe Covelli. WE exchange a few emails, looks like good days are coming...
          Regards Andy


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            I have an air Command Elite and I feel it's safe and very easy to fly. I have flown the Benson, an RAF2000, the Air Command and now I own a Sport Copter. I have not had any PIO issues on any of these. The Air Command is a good gyro.


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              My Aircommand originally had the small tail and never had a PIO problem. When I started doing my crow hops and flying the pattern I didn't like the fact that I had to keep my feet firmly planted on the rudder pedals the whole flight as well as having quite a bit of P factor while taking off. It flew just fine, it was just my preference. I ended up installing a modified Dominator tail that eliminated all of the issues.
              That being said, setting the trim tab correctly on the original rudder will greatly improve the flight characteristics.
              Bobby Munroe
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