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SH PSRU Pulley removal

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    We're not sure if we are supposed to use the stock sub sensor through the ecm or like I did... a seperate one. Just trying to learn some stuff without going to the airport to look at Larry's RAF/SH conversion.

    Did you see any of my threads ?

    I am bored....had snow last night, & cold to go with it !

    Here is a pic of my gyro wagon...77 Chevy....2 times to Bensen Days....2 times to Rotors over Carolina....twice to Mentone

    Also picked up a gyro from AC in Texas & delivered it to Shasta mountain in California.

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    Happy Flying, Chris S.


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      Rob, you be learn' and stuff! Kolibri
      PP - ASEL (Piper 180, C172, RV-7A), SP - Gyro (Calidus, RAF), soloed in gliders; checkride soon

      Wasn't happy with my RAF's pitch instability, so I installed a Boyer H-Stab to my great satisfaction!

      "My expectations: disclose the truth I need to fly safely, and act like you truly care about quality. Anything less is greed or laziness."


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        Alright...what's happening ?
        Happy Flying, Chris S.


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          Still waiting for any SH owner to reply about excessive tightness on the eccentric mounting hole, or suggestions for realigning the engine mounting bracket holes.
          CFI-ASMEL-IA, A&P