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    Originally posted by rcflier View Post
    Thank you Vance.

    Being pragmatic isn't really my style, but I have to be sensible about this (funds).

    Most of you guys live in a country with great parts availability, while we don't have the same tradition of flight.

    And I happen to live on a small island in the middle of nowhere. Good going Erik - idiot that I am!

    Like everyone else I have to have my own gyro ready for the solo flights, unless the Danish Gyro Union buys an open two-seater for schooling.
    That's a goal, but not likely in the near future.

    I have to learn the theory by myself, online. Because of that I fear meteorology and navigation somewhat.

    In my opinion much of the information available on the internet about gyroplanes is incorrect Erik.

    It is easy to misunderstand some of the information on the internet about gyroplanes

    I hope you have a good filter for incorrect information and are able to interpret the correct information correctly.
    Regards, Vance Breese Gyroplane CFI


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      Oh, I didn't make it clear: I'll take lessons from a flight school as e-learning.

      I have to pass the official tests like any other student, of course.

      It's too bad I can't be present with the other students, but it'll have to do.



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        Another hurdle gone...I now finally have an official "go!" to build my Gyrobee. Yeehaa!

        And a kick in the behind to get going from those in command.

        So I bought a second carburator and a twin carb intake silencer.

        Earlier this evening I was afraid my wife would stop me - but no!

        She just wants me to finish some other projects before I use more time and money on this. That's a fair deal.

        So it's really two hurdles.....

        If I don't get any good offers I'll buy most from Starbeegyros.

        But first I have to visit a Swede nearby who has a Gyrobee from a Starbee kit.
        I'll bring a camera and take a 1000 pictures and if lucky, a few videos.

        The dream is on in earnest.

        On Edit:
        I still have a problem with the flight lessons.
        So I can build my gyro - but not get to fly it.

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          I still have a problem with the flight lessons.
          So I can build my gyro - but not get to fly it.
          Ain't nothing but a snag to be unravelled.
          You'll do it, and so until then the rest is simply hanging in there.

          Regards, Kolibri
          PP - ASEL (Piper 180, C172, RV-7A), SP - Gyro (Calidus, RAF), soloed in gliders; checkride soon

          Wasn't happy with my RAF's pitch instability, so I installed a Boyer H-Stab to my great satisfaction!

          "My expectations: disclose the truth I need to fly safely, and act like you truly care about quality. Anything less is greed or laziness."


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            A Bit Closer

            Hi again.

            On this small island nothing much happens - usually.

            So I was delighted to discover, the local flying club hosted an open house arrangement. They had gotten a new member, newcomer to the island - and he brought his UL plane
            with him (RANS S6 ES). He'll instruct in his plane at a fairly low price. The plane hasn't arrived yet, because it has been receiving a new zero hour Rotax 912 - yeehaa.

            It seems like this was the reason the club also arranged an info meeting to try to assemble a "class" of new students (fresh blood). The current members are quite gray.

            I'll buy a few flight lessons in the FW UL and then go to Sweden to have a flight lesson in a gyro to determine if my very old obsession is living well or if it has become stale.

            Then I'll jump in and read it up and see, if I am allowed to do my flight training in Sweden. It's closer, cheaper and I can solo without buying a gyro.

            So this is an exciting fall and hopefully winter will be as well. I have arranged to sell some stuff, so I can afford at least some of it by now.



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              Excellent deal u can put that rotor head and prop to use u got from me......... finally.

     post is in order over there. If u Good luck.;)


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                Hello from Savannah, Georgia. Welcome aboard!
                GT Mills
                Peachstate Rotorcraft Club

                Mohawk Aero Corporation
                PO Box 30133
                Savannah, GA 31410


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                  Hi Darren.

                  Yes, the head will be ready when needed.

                  But Scott still has the propeller. He couldn't ship it like he thought.

                  So I've been waiting patiently on a solution (why not - I don't need it yet).

                  It's about time to order a few parts for my old new engine (I plan
                  on buying them in France, mostly. If I could just remember where...).

                  If/when I build, I'll post both places. With some things, I have a tough hide.



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                      Hi again.

                      Last weekend I just had my real initiation into gyros. And it was a big one...I wrote about it in the forum "flying adventures". I now have 6+ flight hours under my belt.

                      Now I'm hooked for sure!! It's just like I always imagined it would be. And I just managed to pull off the small gear off my 503 - it has been stuck like forever.
                      So tomorrow I can change the crankshaft oil seals and close it up. Then I'll have my work table back, so I can clean off some small corrosion here and there
                      on the outside. I also have to dismantle the gearbox completely to clean it of a little aluminum oxide. The engine has been stored for 30 years....



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