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  • Welcome Oscar,

    Good to see you started posting. Look forward to you joining the discussions.
    The truth is not for all men, but only for those who seek it.

    People who are crazy enough to think that they can change
    the world, are the ones who do.

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    • Hello everyone !

      Grodou (Fred) is from Belgium... land of no giro !
      But he's obstinate and after lurking in here for months (if not years), he decided to hook up with a French giro club and get started.

      From as long as I can remember, I was attracted to the look and concept of that "cool flying thing" ! I have memories of getting flown over by some "flying chairs" while driving over to Las Vegas on a '93 holiday trip.

      Now, I'm must come to reason : I have 2 left hands and not much understanding of mechanics... so it had to be a factory machine.

      Luckily enough, I found the "Godasses Volantes" ultralight school in Arras and started lessons in Sept 2015 and after 9 months was handed my license.
      Club giro is a MTO Sport that unfortunately rolled over with another student in July. So, while waiting for its rebuilt that started this week (delayed by investigation, insurance examination, parts ordering... blablabla) my CFI takes me up in his Cavalon.

      Great fan of this long hours reading place, I only lately dared to register and let you know how good I think about you guys.

      Best regards,

      For personal and family enjoyment, I took habit of filming my flights.
      They are all on youtube:
      "Formation Autogire" by Hackamores
      Promoting gyro training at french "Godasses Volantes" club :


      • Welcome!

        Welcome to the Rotary Wing Forum Fred.

        It is fun to know people that despite divergent borders, language and culture share a passion for gyroplanes.

        I look forward to reading of your gyroplane adventures.
        Regards, Vance Breese Gyroplane CFI


        • Thanks Vance !
          Not difficult to guess I'm one of the many fans following your flying adventures. This inspired my own thread on the french "autogire" forum where I post my impressions (with equal success !) after each flight.

          The sharing is a big kick for me as it translates in many tips from seasoned pilots(Use of a grease pencil on windshield for quick notes and keeping head up...) and, as you mention, the cultural aspect is very entertaining to discover from a place to another !

          I'm still in the wonderful period of "first times" (first time above the clouds, first rerouting, first transponder...) where everything is cool and exciting !

          Since it is good to live with goals and projects :
          - Flying above Mont Saint Michel and castles on the river Loire.
          - Getting instruction time in mountain environment (french Alps)
          - Getting experience with international trips (European borders are quickly crossed !)
          - Getting my own bird when the time is right !!!
          I have plenty of Dreams !

          Cheers !
          Promoting gyro training at french "Godasses Volantes" club :


          • Greetings Fred and welcome to more fun that is usually allowed by law!!!
            Resistance is futile…… You will be compiled!
            John Rountree

            PRA- Director
            PRA- Volunteer Coordinator

            PRA31 - Vice President of S.D. Rotorcraft Club

            U.S. Agent for Aviomania Aircraft... the most stable gyroplane on the market today.
            See: Aviomania USA

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            • Michael Marshall Byers,CO

              Aloha Gang,

              After reviewing your forum for the past few months and getting the ability to post I am ready to introduce myself. I have been fixed-wing pilot since 1977 but have alway loved aviation and had the desire to be a "rotor-head. I am the owner of a Mosquito 285 and have had contact with Dave R. and Brian C. before I built my bird.

              One of the reasons I joined this forum is to connect with local rotor-heads and get impeded into the community. I wanted a heli for a long time but was living on Maui and wanted more support while building it. I visited the Mosquito Factory Fly-In in 2009 and got "bit". Once I moved to Colorado and went back to school, I felt it was time to commit. I did a "factory assist" build and had my 285 in my garage in Oct of 2014. I have 60 hrs. on it now and continue to learn and have fun. I am 18 miles from FTG and plan on flying in to there as they have a nice restaurant.

              I really look forward to enjoy conversation and connecting with like minded rotor-heads.

              Fly safe!

              Michael Marshall


              • Welcome to the Rotary Wing Forum Michael Marshall!

                I hope you find what youíre looking for here and add some fun of your own.

                All the best of your rotorcraft adventure.
                Regards, Vance Breese Gyroplane CFI


                • ​i

                  Hello, my name is jeff waterson . I have been reading this site for over a year now and I feel I know some of you. also watching you guys on youtube. I am 60 years young now and have been riding and racing dirt bikes, dirt karts. I have built many custom racing machines and engines over the years.gas,alcohol, nitro methane, all the fun stuff. I wanted to take it to the next level and build a gyro, but during the research processes I stumbled on this used benson that was about 70% but good shape. It took me a year to take it apart and rebuild it. It is ready to fly? This is a picture of when I bought it, I am waiting for good weather to take new pics. This site and all of you were a great help ! Thank you!


                  • Welcome to the Rotary Wing Forum Jeff Waterson!

                    Please get flight training before attempting to fly your gyroplane.

                    It is not as easy as it looks on YouTube.

                    There are a lot of people who were successful at self-training by carefully following the Bensen Syllabus and many more who were not.
                    Regards, Vance Breese Gyroplane CFI


                    • Hello and thank you Vance for that great advice, although my gyro is ready to fly, I did not mean to imply that I was ready to fly. as for youtube everyone knows it is the goto place to learn to fly things like F-16s, top secret hyper sonic scram jets, and everyone's favorite inter planetary alien space craft. but let me put your mind to rest, I am looking for a local redneck CFI to hold my beer while I put this baby through it's paces. yours truly. jeff.


                      • I have been told that there are some gyro guys that fly out of the centralia, Il. airport? I live in Iuka, Il. I would like to get in touch with them. Thanks, Jeff.