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  • Jim Miller Lynchburg TN

    Just joined forum a few days ago. New to gyros which I have had an interest for many years. Not new to aviation as in June will have been flying 50 years. (PP Single engine VFR) Presently own and fly a Vans RV3. I was interested in little wings but due to time involved to build have started looking into a single seat Dominator. I have s fair amount of airplane building/repairing experience. I plan to get plenty of Gyro training. Also plan to go to Benson days this month and to Sun and Fun.
    I am married and retired a few years ago. Have a varied work background. Was a hospital pharmacist and had the good fortune for the US Navy to pay for me to attend Dental School. Retired as a Navy Captain in 2004. Looking forward to learning more about gyros and hopefully starting a build project this summer or fall.

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    Hell Jim:
    PRA Chapter 16 is located in Dickson Tn. Only about 80 miles for you. fairly close.
    Coincidentally, we are meeting tomorrow at the Dickson Airport at 10:00 am in the terminal building.
    Another member of our chapter lives in Lewisburg; you two could actually ride together.
    Depending upon your weight, I would be glad to give you a ride in my Tandem dominator.
    Also, if all goes well, within a few months, we will have a Tango 2 gyro based here also.
    Would enjoy talking to you, give me a call
    David McCutchen
    [email protected]

    David McCutchen
    Bensen B7m, 90 hp Mac
    Dominator Tandem, 100 hp Hirth
    Kolb Mark III Classic, 80 hp Verner
    Certified - Advanced Master Beef Producer
    EAA Member #0511805
    PRA Member #28866
    PRA Chapter 16 Member
    Secretary & Treasure - PRA Chapter 16
    President / Sylvia - Yellow Creek Volunteer Fire Dept.
    Chairmen - Dickson County Veteran's Day Committee
    Volunteer - Dickson County Airport Aviation Day Committee
    2 busy 2 No!


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      Thanks. I came across some of your posts and had planned on getting in touch with you, The weather next week had some good flying days and I could fly up for lunch. What is your schedule like? Itís great having someone with experience with dominators so close, Likewise if you are ever looking for a place to fly to for lunch I could meet you somewhere. My RV3 is at Tullahoma and I am also close to Shelbyville. I definitely want to take you up on your offer for a ride in your gyro. I weigh 160lbs. My RV3 with only a 108hp 0235 cruises at 160mph so I could be at Dickson quickly. If it was better weather I would come up tomorrow but looks like a rainy day.