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  • Welcome new members.... don't be shy!

    I just noticed this stat: There are currently 184 users online. 10 members and 174 guests. What do we need to do to make these guests feel more welcome and make them willing to engage us with their gyro dreams, wishes and questions? I we could retain every member and guests as PRA members, maybe we would have a voice with the FAA?
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    Don't forget lots are bots trying to make new account ot trying to post link to alsort of stuff that we don't need.
    I have a few forum that are littered with them posters they post from time shares to porn to vacation to selling you just about
    I'm sure a low number are real actual people interested in Rotorcrafts.
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      That is so true FRANK. If I am not a member by joining the forum than I would like to be. There are no chapters near me. Sometimes I think that the guys in California are scared of gyros.