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    Hello everyone. I have been on the forum for some time now but I have never introduced myself. My name is Vernon but I usually go by butch. I am 57 years young. I was a contractor for 28 years but am now retired. I held an electrical, plumbing and water treatment license. My hobbies are building high performance motors. My father had me in the garage since the age of 8 and I have been working on vehicles ever since. My father was a body and paint man. I am in my second marriage of 15 years. My first wife was the anti Christ lollol. I am very happily married and I have 8 grand children. Ever since I had seen the Mad Max movies- the one with the gyrocopter in it, I have wanted one. It took me a while but I finally got one. I drove all the way across the United States to get it. I am now taking lessons with Don Bradley and he is a great teacher. I have taken 6 lessons so far and I love it. My wife and I are looking forward to meeting other members and participating in the functions.

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    Welcome Vernon.

    Thank you for sharing a little about you.

    I enjoy following your gyroplane adventure.
    Regards, Vance Breese Gyroplane CFI


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      Greeting Butch

      Good to meet you and so glad you could join us.
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