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Stu Bryant, N Central Idaho

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  • Stu Bryant, N Central Idaho

    Hello all, I am a PP-SEL (fixed wing) but have been inactive for a very long time. I've wanted to build a kit seems like forever. Recently revisited the notion of it possibly being a gyro. At this point, very curious, but not ready to jump into building just yet. My heart is entirely willing, but alas favorable circumstances are not yet. Will probably be mostly a lurker here, but still grateful for the opportunity!

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    Welcome to the Rotary Wing Forum Stu.

    As a certificate holder you are only required to train to proficiency for Sport Pilot, Rotorcraft Gyroplane so the transition is fairly inexpensive.

    You will want to get some of the rust off.

    I wish you all the best on your Gyroplane adventure.

    You have a great instructor nearby; Cammie Patch in Boise.
    Regards, Vance Breese Gyroplane CFI


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      Consider a trip to one of the national or regional gyro gatherings like Mentone or Benson Days. You can get some idea about what's available and match that to your mission (fun, one or two seater, open or enclosed cockpit, engine, avionics,etc). Absolutely get good instruction, and consider getting instruction in what you intend to fly/build. Welcome. Ray


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        One of the big advantages of building a gyro is time. They are significantly faster to build than a plane. A gyro is also lots of fun to fly. The biggest down side is the upper speeds are limited to the 100 to 110 mph range.