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  • New guy with lots of questions

    Hello All,

    I'm so glad to have found this forum. To make a long story short...

    I got my Private and Instrument years ago (20+) Owned a few fixed wings over a few years. I quit flying when my kids were born (for the usual reasons). FF 18 years... Last summer I took up hang gliding and had a blast with it. I saw a couple trikes and really thought that would be fun too. Out in the air, but powered flight...Started researching them, and stumbled upon the auto gyro. Oh baby!!! Started reading, watching vids, lurking here and other sites...The auto gyro seems like the ultimate machine for me. No going back!

    My problem is that living in Wisconsin, I've only actually seen any at EAA in Oshkosh years ago. For safety and design, I think my ideal would be something like the Dominator or similar. For now, a single, open air (wind screen would be nice).

    I'm going to make this happen, and I have a couple questions to start off.

    Training I live in Wisconsin. Is there someone / where that you would recommend?

    After Training there is nobody around here that I am aware of to offer much assistance. Ive never actually seen an auto gyro first hand accept at EAA in Oshkosh, and I dont want to wait until then to get this plan in motion.

    Resources This site is great. If I were to buy a new kit or a used one, is there a rep or club that you know of that could assist with my questions anywhere?

    I'm in, now how do I get started?

    It's good to be here,
    Thanks in advance,


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    Welcome! Make plans to visit the PRA annual convention this summer. Find detais at
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      Highly regarded Gyroplane-CFI Chris Lord is based in Galena, IL, close to WI. He is one of several CFIs that can help you add a Gyroplane rating onto your PPL. Since you need an additional CFI to complete that process with the check ride, you'd likely be able to do that @ Mentone, IN, sometime before, during, or after the PRA's convention, or, @ EAA's Oshkosh gathering. Just suggestions so you'd not have to travel far (to CFIs in distant states) from your local to do so, something many of of us have had to do. Gyroplane instruction isn't easy to find, compared to fixed-wing or helicopter schools.

      There is an active gyroplane group in lower MN (Mankato). I've met both Denis (only one "N" in his name) S. and Tom P., the group's Pres & VP. Both friendly fellows. They have a Facebook page that highlights their activities. Three of them have each built a Hornet gyro, from free plans available. Denis flies his extremely well. He posted lots of photos & commentary here on this forum while buildiing. See a youtube video Denis posted last fall:
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        Hi John. Welcome. I too, have been out of the flying game for +20 years and have gotten infected again with the discovery of gyroplanes. Bought a used Sportcopter Vortex and in the process of replacing the Rotax 582 with a Yamaha 130 Hp EFI engine. I have not had any CFI time yet, but am logging lots of hours sitting in the Sportcopter and making engine noises...Every landing as been so smooth I could hardly tell I was moving....HI HI.

        Good luck



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          Greetings John and welcome to more fun that is usually allowed by law.

          The best way to find an instructor is to go to's web site:
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            Thanks for the info! I'm going to try to make it to the PRA convention. Getting a hold of Chris, and I'll be at OSH this year for sure. Thanks again!


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              Start with an ultralight. I did.
              Happy Flying, Chris S.