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What is a follow request?

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  • What is a follow request?

    I recieved a follow request from some random person on the forum. What the heck is a follow request?

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    I admit, it was me.

    Perhaps I can offer an explanation. The new format of this forum's software is different in many ways from prior versions. In one of the older ones, we were able to check a box in order to not see any future posts that a particular person added to the forum.

    I had used that blocking feature on this forum in past years for two individuals whose garbage I didn't want to have to wade through to find any gems about auto-rotating winged flight. They were people who posted almost constantly on this forum, were very abrasive towards others here, had no compunction towards using profanity in their writings, and who made extremely excessive use of capitals letters and exclamation marks in virtually all of their posts. Those couple of individuals were among a small group who were banned from this forum, usually several times, and some, permanently.

    Yesterday, after reading your post re: blocking a person's posts, I clicked on your profile (since it was right there in front of my eyes on your thread), to poke around to see where that box might be. I clicked on the "Follow" box to see if it was hiding there, since it wasn't apparent where it might be in this newer version. It activated that request, which I took to mean I would be informed of all future posts from you. It then wouldn't allow me to unclick on it, dimmed somewhat, and read: "Pending".

    Later in the day yesterday, I received an email from the forum software indicating my "Follow" request had been accepted by you. Sorry for the inconvenience. This AM, I again went to that box to attempt to unclick on that "Following" box in your profile page, but it does not respond to clicking on it...


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      No problem, Kevin. I discovered the help page and accepted your follow invitation. I also discovered how to block someone and I put the big ZAP on Kolibri. Interestingly, when I typed his name a second name appeared kolibri282 iirc. When I tried to block this name, I was informed that this person was a moderator and could not be blocked! If these two names are the same person, I think the forum management needs to revisit their moderator criteria. LOL.


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        In my opinion Kolibri is the antithesis of kolibri282 AKA Juergen Humt from Duesseldorf. He is a Mechanical Engineer (Dipl.-Ing.) / FEM analyst

        He is a history buff and understands rotary wing aircraft on a high level.
        Regards, Vance Breese Gyroplane CFI


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          JJ: Are you the same fellow as "Zoom" Campbell, past publisher of USAV8R magazine?


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            Kolibri282 has been posting for many, many years on this forum, and resides in Germany.

            Kolibri resides here in the US. Last he let us know on his profile, residing in NE Wyoming.


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              No, I'm not Zoom. Just a primary student pilot at this time...