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I miss hearing from Norm

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  • I miss hearing from Norm

    It has been a long time since I have seen a post by Norm.
    He always had some innovative ideas; often on the gyroplane fringe !
    My suspicion is that he is a victim of the forum format change; I don't know that I've seen a post on here since the change.
    If anyone has his contact info, please encourage him to check in.
    I'd like to see how some of his experiments worked out.

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    Me too and so many others.
    Resistance is futile…… You will be compiled!
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      He has lots to say ... non -gyro related! ....mostly on Facebook!
      Chris T.
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        Lol, for sure!
        "at 55 I did'nt GO over the hill, I FLEW over it"

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