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Wayback Machine and this NEW forum format

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  • Wayback Machine and this NEW forum format

    Curious....why can't this new forum's look and feel be more like the good ole' days with a more refined look and feel in place of relearning it all over again?
    Is it structured so differently that it is not possible with the upgraded forum software?

    Ahhhh...the good ole days of simple usability.

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    Totally agree JS traffic has not recovered since change site is not user friendly
    The old log in name will sort of work (400+posts) but it will not let me post if i log in as above it then says the password for old name is invalid.
    Don't bother to come here very often where as i used to visit nearly every day.
    It is clunky to use not easy to find things, it is a good job it does not have the traffic it once had I personally think VR was the same on changing to new format .
    I have asked ADMIN why my original log on does not work on numerous occasions to be ignored, not good PR + being rude
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      I'm sure that the people responsible for the forum have tried their best, but the 'upgrade' has been disastrous.
      Well, after all, it's the normal course of things, since everything tends to decay with the passage of time, this forum being no exception...


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        In the beginning after the upgrade the forum was horrendous but the update and patches has helped a lot.
        it's still not user friendly like the old forum but it's good. and guys the more you use it the more your learn it.
        and this is coming from a man that does not like change no really I really don't, but I learned to live with this new forum.
        since it's all I got, I'm in no other gyro forum or flying forum this is my only gyro forum. why would I need more?

        Frank The Mechanic

        P.S. This forum is much more secure, and are info on this forum is much safer with this update.
        I'm a gyro Dude now! Bensen FTW