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Bensen Days 2019 Video

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  • Bensen Days 2019 Video

    Here is a recap of this years Bensen Days fly in. Hope everyone enjoys!

    The video was made by New Light Studios

    Contact Jacob Seace for work inquires

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    Nice thanks


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      Thanks for the much needed update. Almost nothing else on the Forum on Bensen Days.Is it the views or do I get the impression there was a low turn out?


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        We had a pretty good turnout considering we got a late start in organizing. The forum members did not seem very interested in the event as you can judge by looking at the responses to posts that Jon and I made, however those pilots who use facebook did respond. ELA, Magni, Tango, MTO and Silverlight were all in attendance and the public was very interested. Steve Mcgowan was also there and very busy with discovery flights.
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          I had a lot of fun at Bensen Days and posted some pictures on the Rotary Wing Forum in the thread under events; Bensen Days is happening RIGHT now!!

          I don't have a camera well suited to action pictures.

          Thanks to all the people who made it happen.

          Regards, Vance Breese Gyroplane CFI