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Accident in Northern Mississippi/Memphis area yesterday

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  • Accident in Northern Mississippi/Memphis area yesterday

    A Friend of mine sent me a text that there was a fatal gyroplane accident yesterday , does anybody have any info?

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    I've seen a couple of media report - some refer to a gyrocopter some refer to a helicopter.

    I thought I'd wait for the FAA ASIAS update tomorrow for basic f.a.c.t.s.

    Either way sad news for the pilots family n friends.


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      Everything I know about the accident.
      Regards, Vance Breese Gyroplane CFI


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          Update - latest local news now refers to two fatalities in the accident


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            Update - names released,



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              registered to the father, Wayne
              Serial Number SH2004002K Status Valid
              Manufacturer Name KEVIN LEUE Certificate Issue Date 02/23/2015
              Model SPARROW HAWK Expiration Date 02/28/2018
              Type Aircraft Rotorcraft Type Engine 4 Cycle
              Pending Number Change None Dealer No
              Date Change Authorized None Mode S Code (base 8 / oct) 51367231
              MFR Year 2013 Mode S Code (base 16 / hex) A5EE99
              Type Registration Individual Fractional Owner NO
              Tom Milton, PRA Director, Need a DAR, Seat tank, Prerotator, Rotor Brake, or Rotor Tach?
              Have Airworthiness Certification questions?


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                That gyro was in my hanger for about 8 months, while kevin was trying to learn how to fly.

                Oddly enough the last time kevin flew it the pilot door popped open on approach to a landing and he almost lost control
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                  Very sad; my condolences to the House family.

                  It occurred 500 yards from the airport.
                  Apparently, there were no witnesses.
                  Cause of this crash will probably be very difficult to discern.

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