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Kitty Hawk Flyer - electric Rotorcraft is here!

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  • Kitty Hawk Flyer - electric Rotorcraft is here!

    So I was watching a Youtube of Gerald's, to take a break from doing (ugh) taxes, of a cool Dominator with a Suzuki water buffalo motor on it. (We've been calling them that since the '70's, old habits die hard) On the side I saw a link for this Kitty Hawk Flyer just posted June 10, 2017. That refers ya to their website, just google Kitty Hawk Flyer.

    So check THIS thing out. Funny, but I was pondering - just about the time this thing came out in April - WHEN someone would finally build a working, electric multi-rotor that was big enough to fly a man. Looks like it's here, and looks like they are taking orders. Looks like flight time is fairly short. I searched for Kitty Hawk on here before posting this, absolutely nothing came up, so if you already have seen this on here tain't my fault I can't find anything on here anymore.

    GT Mills
    Peachstate Rotorcraft Club

    Mohawk Aero Corporation
    PO Box 30133
    Savannah, GA 31410