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    First please read the whole post before replying to the video. Thanks. This is an HD 360 degree video. It is very well done. To fully enjoy you need a VR headset. The camera is set right behind the pilots head. Without the ability to turn your device you can't see out the front. Stu superimposed a heads up display with distance, airspeed and altitude over the front windscreen. The audio is filtered from wind and rotor noise so radio communication is clearly heard and easy to understand. VR headsets can be purchased for under $20 USD. You need a phone that can interface with the viewer you purchase. With the right equipment this is a great video for gyro pilots.

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    Hi all !
    Stu was a great motivation in the purchase of my Garmin 360 !!!
    Since I brought the cheap VR headset at work, colleagues are lining up to 'experience the look around and giggle' !

    Flight over northern France with my girlfriend :

    Fun experiment with the edition settings :

    Promoting gyro training at french "Godasses Volantes" club :