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Example of a poorly executed engine out emergency landing

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  • Example of a poorly executed engine out emergency landing

    Wow! Not really much else to say about that.

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    Ouch .... nice road ... open country ... wonder how many hrs PIC .... how much training?? Too tense over controlling is what I saw!
    Chris T.
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      What would make anyone jerk the stick fore-and-aft like that? It started as soon as the engine quit. Lack of adequate practice for engine outs?
      Paul W. Plack
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        Can you say PIC (pilot induced crash)
        David Bacon


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          It is my observation that for many people; the first time they land with a different sight picture makes it difficult to judge the height above the ground to flair.

          His airspeed was a little low so I suspect the ground was coming up pretty fast and it is easy to overreact.

          I am glad he wasn’t hurt.

          I thought he picked a good place to make an emergency landing.
          Regards, Vance Breese Gyroplane CFI


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            I'm very low time, but here's what I observed from the video.
            Looks like he didn't hold the stick back until he stopped. As soon as he touches down, the stick jolted forward and right allowing the rotors to start pulling him over. Then starts the duck walk.
            Bobby Munroe
            Private Pilot (SEL)
            PRA Chapter 62 #42748
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              Best you can say is "He walked away". As Bob Hoover said, "Fly it as far into the crash as possible". Hard to tell, but may have had to land downwind, as groundspeed seems fast.


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                That was his first solo (and first pattern), guys, made before he got any viable training :(( It was downwind indeed, though there was enough altitude for a 180 turn - lack of experience didn't let him to decide to do it 180. Lesson learned, gyro restored, ADM fixed.
                Alex Lameko
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                  I saw the yaw string acting in a peculiar way as he was about to touch down.

                  It appears to me that learning to fly a gyroplane without instruction makes for some hard lessons.

                  I still have that conversation about do it yourself flight instruction more often than I would like.

                  The damage he did to his gyroplane would pay for a lot of instruction.

                  I am glad he survived this lesson; I hope gets training before flying again.
                  Regards, Vance Breese Gyroplane CFI


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                    stupid, over controlling + lack proper training + no energy management - too fast on landing = crashed machine.


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                      I agree...

                      It looks like fixed wing landing. Way too fast!
                      And then planting the nose wheel too soon.
                      It is like trying to run with a wheelbarrow.