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    We went down to the incredible Chino Airshow ... I took the gyro with as usual. Stopped off at Kernville airport East of Bakersfield on the way and flew around Lake Isabella and hung out. Cool people .. got a lot of back country airstrip info from the manager that I really appreciate. At the show we got to see the restored Northrup Flying wing 1/4 scale FLY!!! and many rare planes.. my favorite the Grumman F7F.. On the way home we camped at a small flat spot at Fossil Falls off of 395 N where I flew around in some nice wind and got the strange picture from about 600 AGL of the desert floor. I take a 650 Honda dirt bike and the M912 in a trailer so I can stop and see anything. The sport copter gets off quick and doesn't mind rough ground so I don't need an airport.

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    I volunteered on the restoration of the N9M along with a high school buddy of mine, Greg Shackle. Greg put in way more hours than I did. The restoration was performed at a secret, off airport location, away from Chino airport, just to minimize the amount of "Lookey Loos" that could slow down the restoration progress, by constantly stopping work to graciously answer questions. That secret, off airport location was affectionately named "The Pole Cat Works."

    There is a connection of the Northrup N9M to the old TV show Lassie. The child actor who played Timmy Martin on the old TV show Lassie, John Provost, his dad was one of the engineers who work on the N9M, XB-35 & YB-49 Flying Wings.



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      That would be something to be part of.


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        That was a great airshow - my son and I went there for the day....
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          Followed your route on 395N on google earth and found your "strange picture". That whole area looks strange! You must trust your engine, or are there lots of landing spots?
          GYRO JERRY


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            White areas are landable as are most of the roads. not many power lines or trees. The 912 rotax has a pretty good record and mine has been very reliable and consistent. so far about 170 hrs.