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    Mumfordbooks Aircraft Cutaway Illustrated: A selection of matched and paired Eagle Centres showing aircraft history from the pioneers to the late sixties. Examples of aircraft range from private, commercial to military. This wide range of aircraft include experimental vertical take-off and special one-offs. Each download is great value for just £1 per copy. Each download can be printed to A3 size, big enough to read all the original text and technical fine detail. Great present for anyone who likes Aircraft History, looks good on any wall.

    Eagle comics started in the 1950ís.

    The first issue of Eagle Comicís was released in April 1950. Revolutionary in its presentation and content, it was enormously successful, the first issue sold about 900,000 copies. Featured in colour on the front cover was its most recognisable story, Dan Dare, Pilot of the Future, created by Hampson with meticulous attention to detail. Other popular stories included Riders of the Range and P.C. 49. Eagle also contained news and sport sections, and *educational cutaway diagrams of sophisticated machinery.

    Childrenís comics usually contained a mixture of adventure stories, presented as text rather than strip cartoons. Some British boys were buying American horror comics produced for G.I.s. Morris was impressed by the high standard of artwork in the US magazines, but disgusted by their content, which he described as "deplorable, nastily over-violent and obscene contents.

    These*educational cutaway diagrams of sophisticated machinery, were the best professional knowledge based information ever produced. Each full colour drawing showed how the latest complicated industrial processes worked; in the Air, on Land or Sea. Each section would show types of aircraft and all their working parts. On land from Sport-cars to Land-rovers, Lorries to Trains. On the sea from Lifeboats to Oil-tankers. More complicated technologies like Runways and Airports, Motorways, National Grid, Coal Mines, Power Lines, Generation of Electricity, Telephone Exchanges and much more. A gold mine of information and understanding specially paired to give the maximum visual impact. It may be nearly 70 years ago that the first centre-spreads were published. Fashions have dated, like a classic car like the MG, still British made, still a family business, lives on. A good design that functions well, adding new materials, electronics and a computer controller, you can be bang up-to-date, and still be of service, to enjoy.
    aircraft cutaway download

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    I wonder what's the quality. Ordered anyway :) Will let you know soon!

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